Department of Education
Director of Education
EXDRED, $189,670 per annum

 Advertised Vacancy Number: DOE683422

These positions are available on a five (5) year fixed term, full time basis, commencing Semester Two, 2021.

Provide every student in your region with a pathway to a successful future

The Department of Education is the WA public sector’s largest employer, with over 55,000 staff across the state delivering quality education for over 320,000 students. The Department’s strategic direction, “Every student, every classroom, every day” is exemplified in schools across the state.

We are seeking to fill the position of Director of Education, in the following regions:

  • Wheatbelt Region
  • Mid West Region

Our Directors of Education will grow the educational leadership capacity across their regions and throughout the public education system. They will work in collaboration with the Deputy Director General Schools and other system leaders to build a strong network of high performing public schools.

Directors of Education will be expected to form a close leadership team in each region. In partnership with school leaders and central staff, they will model and support a culture of school empowerment and collaboration in each region.

Directors of Education will lead Regional Education Offices and undertake the following five key activities within the region:

  • A focus on leading student achievement and progress
  • Leadership of local, place-based initiatives to respond to local needs
  • Strengthening local inter-agency approaches
  • Critical incident response
  • Identification and development of leadership talent.

The Directors of Education influence student achievement and progress through their relationships with, and influence on, Public School Principals. Directors of Education are critical in articulating system strategic direction in a compelling way, brokering support for those schools who need it the most, challenging principals to identify areas of improvement for themselves and their schools and encouraging and creating opportunities for connection and collaboration with other public school principals. 

Directors of Education operationalise the Department’s strategic directions so every student is provided with an educational pathway to a successful future. Through their leadership, student health and well-being outcomes will be enhanced, literacy and numeracy achievement improved and student attendance increased.  A key element of the roles will be leading improvement strategies so that outcomes for Aboriginal students are improved.

Directors of Education are based in each of the 8 educational regions and are the most senior Department representative at a regional level. They work locally to maintain pro-active partnerships with significant stakeholders and lead cross-agency projects. To enable this, travel, housing and movement costs will be covered by the Department.

We are seeking applicants for these positions who are highly capable leaders, able to work with and influence other leaders, with a passion for improving outcomes for all public school students. The ability to be able to pivot seamlessly from strategy to other elements such as crisis or critical incident management is crucial. Candidates with exceptional experience in educational leadership and development are encouraged to apply.

More details on these roles can be found in the attached Job Description Form (JDF).

To be suitable for these roles, you will need to demonstrate the following work related requirements:

  • Shape and manage strategy
  • Achieve results
  • Build productive relationships
  • Exemplify personal integrity and self-awareness
  • Communicate and influence effectively

In addition to these work related requirements, the Department of Education has identified six critical personal attributes (the Department’s Leadership Attributes) that are the pre-conditions for successful educational leadership. These define the personal attributes and dispositions that are expected of the Directors of Education.  These attributes are;

  • Openness and capacity for learning,
  • Trustworthiness,
  • Resilience,
  • Interpersonal acumen,
  • Self- awareness and
  • Drive to excel.

Demonstration and assessment of these Leadership Attributes will form part of the assessment process for these positions.

Applications will be assessed against both the work related requirements and the Department’s Leadership Attributes. One selection process will be used for both advertised positons with candidates asked to identify preferences. Your regional preference will not form part of the selection process.

The business needs of the Department will also be considered. It is recommended that you consider all information contained in this advertisement and any other related information before applying for the vacancy.

The Department is an equal opportunity employer and encourages people with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and persons from culturally diverse backgrounds to apply.

For further job related information:

Please contact Melesha Sands, Deputy Director General Schools, on 0439 938 460 or via email at

Information for applicants:

This will be a 2 stage selection process assessing both the work related requirements and the Department’s Leadership Attributes. Referee validation and comment will be requested and will form part of the overall assessment process. Please ensure you update the referee details of your jobseeker account to enable us to contact your referees.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to access the pre-application reflection tool which is attached to this advert.  This reflection tool will allow you to project into a variety of the job related skills required to be successful in the role and find out if the role is suitable for you. (pdf attached).

In the first instance applicants will be required to:

  • Submit a current CV outlining your experience and capabilities relevant to the role;
  • Provide a written response to the following 2 questions:
  1. Describe an occasion where you have achieved results in critical incident management in an Educational setting.
  2. How and when have you used your communication skills and influence to build productive relationships in order to lead local, place-based initiatives in response to local needs?

Each response should be a maximum of half a page in length.

  • Provide the contact details for two (2) work related referees who can attest to the claims made in your written responses.

Application Instructions

All applications are submitted online.  Select “Apply for Job”, at either the top or bottom of this screen and follow the instructions on your screen.  You will be asked to nominate which position you are applying for. Your regional preferences do not form part of the selection process.

Your application should include:

  • Your CV (including the contact details for two (2) work related referees) and
  • Your written responses to the 2 questions (above).

It is recommended you have these documents completed and ready to attach before selecting “Apply for Job”.

You are asked to complete an online application form and attach your documentation, please allow enough time to complete this process as applications cannot be accepted after the closing date and time.

After you have submitted your application online, you will receive an email confirming lodgement. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please telephone (08) 9264 4127.

If you are having difficulty submitting your online application, please telephone (08) 9264 8666 for assistance.


Applicants considered as competitive following assessment of their online application will progress to Stage 2.  Stage 2 of the selection process will provide further opportunity for shortlisted applicants to demonstrate their professional practice and leadership attributes.

During this stage applicants may be required to provide details of superordinates, peers and line managers to participate in a 360 degree validation of personal attributes.

This selection process will initially be used to fill the above vacancy. Applicants assessed as suitable during this selection process may be considered for other similar vacancies that occur for up to 12 months following this initial appointment. This includes circumstances where this position becomes subsequently vacant should the successful applicant decline or vacate the advertised position.

Eligibility and training requirements

Employees will be required to:

  • hold a recognised qualification in teaching and be currently registered or eligible for registration to teach in Western Australia
  • obtain a current Department of Education Criminal Record Clearance prior to commencement of employment
  • obtain or hold a current Working with Children Check
  • complete the Department’s induction program within three months of commencement
  • complete any training specific to this role required by Departmental policy
  • complete the Department’s training in Accountable and Ethical Decision-Making within six months of appointment.

The Department applies a four (4) day breach period to this selection process.

Applications must be submitted before 4.30pm (WST) on Monday, 17 May 2021.



WORK TYPE:  Fixed Term - Full Time
FTE:  1.0
LOCATION:  Various
CLOSING DATE: 2021-05-17 4:30 PM