Department of Education
Independent Public School - South Metropolitan Education Region
Roleystone Community College
Teacher - K-6
Pool Ref IPS/TCH637582
Teacher, $71,137 - $106,049 per annum (SEA GA 2019)

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Advertised Vacancy Number: IPS/TCH637582


Appointment Pool

Roleystone Community College are seeking to establish a pool of dynamic teachers for Kindergarten to Year 6 for appointments to permanent and fixed term, full-time and part-time vacancies which may arise during 2020 school year and up to the end of Term 4, 2021. Appointments can be made from the pool at any time for commencements within the 2020 school year, up to the end of Term 4, 2021.

Roleystone Community College is becoming recognised as one of Western Australia’s outstanding public schools based on the excellence of its teaching and ability to meet the needs of every student. Roleystone builds promising futures for our students through providing excellent breadth and depth of education and a rich range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. Roleystone Community College values and fosters community partnerships and sees itself as a community asset.

Central to the students’ experience at Roleystone is a college culture that promotes learning. The school is driven by the deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning and that it is the responsibility of every teacher and leader to ensure that all students progress. Roleystone Community College embraces the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly changing world to change lives for the better.

Every student at Roleystone Community College matters.

As a school and as teachers we don’t give up on students – we constantly explore new ways to engage students who are not making progress, or who are making progress at a rate beyond that of their peers. The personal and familial attributes and circumstances relating to a student are not viewed as reasons or excuses for a student’s lack of academic and/or social progress. Instead they are viewed as challenges that need to be overcome.

Students will receive every assistance to overcome obstacles to learning, or to provide opportunities to achieve beyond the levels expected of them. We promote school and classroom environments that are safe, respectful, tolerant and inclusive and promote academic rigour. There will be a strong collegial culture of mutual trust, respect and support among teachers and school leaders, and positive, caring relationships between staff, parents, students and the wider community.

At Roleystone Community College, we focus on early identification and early intervention. Educational disadvantage is cumulative and as such, reducing this disadvantage in the early years provides an investment in the future of every child in their early years of schooling to ensure they are not left behind. This has become evident through the development of an early intervention team which includes a psychologist, occupational therapist and speech therapist. This team works closely with teaching staff to ensure that developmental delays for children are identified and relevant intervention is targeted to every child.

Arising out of this vision are six Foundations of Action which will provide the key pillars for success that all teachers will be required to focus upon. They are the responsibility of every teacher, in every classroom, every day:

  • Build strong relationships
  • Have high expectations
  • Require high level presentation and handwriting
  • Provide ongoing correction and feedback
  • Display student achievements
  • Set a positive tone

These foundations provide the structure around what we expect in all lessons at the college.

Four principles that underlie decision-making and the way staff work within the College and need to form the core of every teacher’s belief and practice. It is expected that each teacher will understand and work within these guiding principles. These four principles guide the way we work at Roleystone. The four principles are:

  • Presume positive intent.
  • No deficit model.
  • Role modelling of positive behaviours.
  • Every student will progress and this progress is the responsibility of the teacher, leaders and parents in the school.

Suitable applicants will need to be able to demonstrate an understanding and belief in these guiding principles.

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided clarity within the school that there is a need to focus on what matters most. As such, the focus for every student in every lesson is the development of appropriate literacy and numeracy outcomes. This should be the starting point for every lesson for every teacher.

Roleystone Community College is looking for teachers that can work collegiately and collaboratively, but can also show a level of independence and initiative in the way they work.

A clear understanding of the current version of the Western Australian Curriculum, along with demonstrated outstanding teaching and learning skills, knowledge and understandings are essential.

Vacancies may arise during the life of this pool that require specialist qualifications (for example vacancies within Early Childhood Education). Only applicants, in the pool, possessing the required qualifications will be considered for appointment in these circumstances.

To be suitable for this role, you will need to demonstrate your competency against the following domains (that govern the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers):

  • Professional knowledge;
  • Professional practice; and
  • Professional engagement.

Applications will be assessed against these domains. The business needs of the school may also be considered. It is therefore recommended that you consider all information contained in the advertisement and any other related information before applying for the vacancy.

Applicants currently completing the Department of Education Leap program (formerly known as the Switch program) can apply for vacancies using their current or Leap qualification – even if they have not completed the program at the time of applying. Applicants may be appointed to a vacancy based on the qualification being completed via the Leap program.

The Department is an equal opportunity employer and encourages people with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and persons from culturally diverse backgrounds to apply.

Further information about Roleystone Community College can be found by visiting or Schools Online.

Additional information about Independent Public Schools is also available here

Appointed applicants may be eligible for recognition of prior service.

For further job related information

Please contact Mark Brookes, Principal by telephoning (08) 9391 6222 or emailing  

Application Instructions

All applications are submitted online. Select “Apply for Job”, at either the top or bottom of this screen and follow the instructions on your screen.

Your application should include:

  • A statement addressing the domains that govern the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, in context of the role and business needs of the school
  • A CV outlining your employment history and professional learning summary relevant to this position
  • The contact details for two (2) work related referees (one being your current line manager)

It is recommended you have these documents completed and ready to attach before selecting “Apply for Job”.

You are asked to complete an online application form and attach your documentation, please allow enough time to complete this process as applications cannot be accepted after the closing date and time.

After you have submitted your application online, you will receive an email confirming lodgement. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please telephone (08) 9264 4127.

If you are having difficulty submitting your online application, please telephone (08) 9264 8666 for assistance.


Employees will be required to:

  • provide evidence of eligibility to work in Australia for the term of the vacancy
  • obtain a current Department of Education Criminal Record Clearance prior to commencement of employment; and
  • obtain or hold a current Working with Children Check.
  • be eligible for, or registered with the Teacher Registration Board (TRB). Information regarding eligibility may be obtained by contacting TRB on (08) 9230 0600 or for Country callers 1300 652 911 or


Employees will be required to:

  • complete the Department’s induction program within three months of commencement; and
  • complete any training specific to this role required by Departmental policy.

The Department applies a four (4) day breach period to this selection process.

Applications must be submitted before 4.30pm (WST) on Monday, 3 August 2020



WORK TYPE:  Permanent - Part Time, Permanent - Full Time, Fixed Term - Part Time, Fixed Term - Full Time
FTE: 0.2-1.0
LOCATION: Roleystone
CLOSING DATE: 2020-08-03 4:30 PM